Tradition, sustainability and innovation.

These are the principles on which Cantina Fiorentino is based.

Past and future come together to feed the passion of Pierantonio Fiorentino, a Salento entrepreneur who has always been involved in the renewable energy industry with a strong interest in agriculture. Everything starts from the land, and it is there that we return with the production of Salento wines that know how to narrate and respect the territory.

Cantina Fiorentino, which in 2016 also acquired the historic Valle Dell’Asso winery by Luigi Vallone, offers a wide range of Salento organic wines produced according to the most advanced principles of environmental sustainability.


It is the watchword in the production of all the Salento wines of the Cantina Fiorentino









Linea Valle dell'Asso

The vineyards of the historic Valle dell’Asso winery acquired by Cantina Fiorentino are located in the Salento area, precisely south of Puglia. The wine varietals present are the traditional ones: Negroamaro, Primitivo, Malvasia Nera and Moscato Reale.

Linea Fiorentino

Five different labels of Salento organic wine and a Brut sparkling wine make up the Fiorentino line. Each bottle holds the unique flavours of a territory rich in tradition.

Spumante brut

La Cavallerizza

Linea Madreterra

The Madreterra line of Cantina Fiorentino is currently made up of six labels: sparkling white and rosé IGP; still white, rosé and red Negroamaro IGP, red Primitivo IGP.

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