Cantina Fiorentino

About us

Salento wines that narrate and respect the territory

Cantina Fiorentino was born in 2014 in Galatina, in the province of Lecce, founded by Pierantonio Fiorentino – entrepreneur in the field of renewable energy and bio-sustainability.

In fact, his company “Efficienza Energia” offers a wide range of services for energy saving and environmental protection, which have the aim of reducing fossil fuel consumption through energy-efficient buildings and plants.

Always passionate about agriculture, Dr. Fiorentino wanted to concretize his passion by creating an organic winery. His goal: to produce Salento wines capable of narrating the territory and, at the same time, respecting it.

The dream of applying energy knowledge to wine production took shape in the ancient Folonari factory in Galatina. A very large factory that after the restoration brought to light several vitrified cement tanks, was destined for the winemaking and aging phase dating back to the early 1900s.

The route towards a production that has the total ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY of wines as its point of reference, is supported by the collaboration of the oenologists, Simone March and Luca Miccoli, who aim for quality and innovation always dealing with organic viticulture.

In 2016, Cantina Fiorentino, acquired the vineyards and the historic “Valle dell’Asso” winery in Galatina owned by Luigi Vallone and the company surface quadruples up to 100 hectares of vineyards, all in Certified Organic.

Currently, Cantina Fiorentino owns two wineries and produces several organic Salento wines: from Primitivo to Negroamaro, from Passito to Moscato Reale, from Sparkling to Spumante.

The company philosophy is based on the assumption that a good product comes from the vineyard: only by careful management in the countryside can a good wine be obtained that can express the territory and its peculiarities.

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