Terra San Giovanni


The Terra San Giovanni from Cantina Fiorentino is based on Primitivo: the intense scent of blueberries and black cherry is supported by the taste from softness and extreme drinkability which make it perfect for meat dishes.

  • Wine type: red
  • Alcohol: 14,5% Vol
  • Grape: Primitivo 100%
  • Production Area: Galatina, froma organic agricolture
  • Soil: medium-textured and relatively loose
  • Rearing System: spur pruned cordon
  • Production: 30000 bottles
  • Yield per hectare: 70 ql
  • Fermentation Method: fermented in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature.
  • Yeast: indigenous
  • Sugar residue: 2.2 gr/lt
  • Serving temperature: 16-18°C

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